translation lab

Life is too short to be lost in translation.

The limits of your language are the limits of your world, a wise man once said. With our help, your world becomes less limited, as we offer you reliable translations.

We translate texts of a general, technical and scientific nature on a wide variety of subjects from and into all major European languages, and we do so accurately, comprehensively and reliably.

You probably know that feeling when the word you are looking for is right on the tip of your tongue and you rack your brains trying to remember it. Life is too short: just get in touch with us.

translation experts

True expertise comes from experience.

Our translators are experienced professionals, fluent in the source and target languages. So you have our word that nothing will ever be lost in translation. You can fully rely on our service, as the translation is always delivered within the agreed deadline.

We assure you that we will work hard to find the right word, using both our minds and our hearts. We know that language barriers are best conquered with knowledge, respect, patience and empathy.

Our expert translators work hand in hand with our clients, which include companies and brands like Sony, Beko, Yamaha, Harmon Kardon, Marantz, Denon, JVC, Toshiba, Still,, Zavas, the Swiss Embasy in Slovenia... your name here.

translation tools

Translation tools are the translator's best friends.

In our translation process, we rely strongly on our experts' wide knowledge and experience. We also make good use of intelligent translation, intuitive translation and other specialised tools and technologies. We mainly use Memoq and MateCAT, but we also use others.

graphic design

One great picture is better than a thousand words.

We strongly believe that translated texts can only be correctly designed by the person who knows the language she or he is dealing with, which is why we provide you with graphic designers and desktop publishing experts who are also translation experts. And this might come in very handy if your needs include a master of several trades.And we offer print services, so you can manage your whole project with us by your side, effortlessly guiding you through the entire process.


One great word is better than a thousand pictures.

At first, there is always an idea, born in one language, reborn in another through translation. Our copywriters work closely with our translation experts to convey the meaning of the ideas in the best possible way. With their writing skills and wide range of experience, our copywriters deliver efficient communication, enabling a user-friendly experience. They know how to find the right words for every idea, occasion, audience, platform and purpose.

translation contact

Phone: +386 31 581 254